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Slow Watches-Slow Jo 24 Hour One Hand Watch

Slow is a recently formed fashion inspired watch brand that has already made a big impact on the market. In 2013 Christopher Noerskau and Corvin Lask, established the company. Between them they have extensive marketing and sales experience. With the assistance of specialist designers May Margot and Gabrielle Guidi they were able to produce a trendy watch aimed at the unisex market.


When I first established Total Watch Reviews the content normally related to luxury watches. This wasn’t necessarily my prime objective or a conscious decision. Principally the most stimulating designs were by and large the most expensive. A few months ago I discovered that there was an emergence of new brands designing watches at the entry-level price point. This inspired me to write an article entitled ‘Style On a Budget’, which showcases five original and affordable timepieces.  The Slow Jo 24 Hour One Hand Watch definitely fits in to this category.


I first became aware of this watch via a discussion on the social media website LinkedIn. The company invited members to appraise the design and quality of their new timepiece. Generally the response has been very positive and in my opinion well deserved. After numerous conversations with Christopher I decided this would be a great watch to review on my website.


On viewing the actual timepiece I can honestly say the images don’t do it justice. The Slow Jo 24 Hour One Hand Watch measures 42.5mm x 38mm x 8.2mm, which is smaller than the majority of watches available on the market. These proportions should appeal to a very broad range of buyers. The timepiece sat very comfortably on my wrist and I didn’t endure any friction from the lugs. Primarily this is down to the intuitive case design and choice of 316L stainless steel in production. The watch also felt exceptionally lightweight to wear and only weighs a mere 65 grams. On that basis I would say this would be a great timepiece to wear for daily usage.


The concept of the watch is to create the illusion that time has been slowed down. This has been skilfully achieved by using a 24-hour dial that replicates the movement of the sun (in the northern hemisphere). Another really important style feature is that time is displayed by one hand and in increments of 15 minutes. Essentially this means that there is an element of guesswork involved in accurately pinpointing the time to the exact minute. In my opinion that isn’t massively important, as the watch looks really cool. I also like the fact that they have omitted the logo to maintain the overall integrity of the design.


To power the Slow Jo 24 Hour One Hand Watch the company has used a Swiss made GMT quartz movement. A lot of people including myself have suggested the company produces a mechanical version in future. This I feel would give the timepiece more substance. When I mentioned this to Christopher he was receptive to the idea and suggested it might be an option for the future.


The Slow Jo 24 Hour One Hand Watch I tried on had a white dial and superb soft Italian leather strap. With a suggested Price of £200 (approximately $321) I feel this watch offers great value for money.


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