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Dingemans Mechanische Horloges Fusion Jump Hour

Dingemans Mechanische Horloges (or D.H.M for short) is a small watchmaker located in the Netherlands. The company is owned and operated by one passionate and ambitious individual called Fred Dingemans. With an extensive background in fine mechanics he sourced and adapted machinery to make his own watch parts. Essentially this involved a significant restoration process to ensure they are durable for many years.


Fred Dingemans is now in the enviable position that he can construct unique watches for highly satisfied customers. He is also very fortunate that his workshop is situated behind his picturesque Dyke house. Over the last few weeks I spoke to Fred about getting access to one of his wonderful timepieces for review purposes. Due to the nature of his business all of his watches are completely made to order. In fact he only actually produces 24 timepieces a year. On that basis he doesn’t really hold stock or have a cohesive collection. Of all the watches he has created my personal favourite is the sensational Fusion Jump Hour.


There are various different interpretations of the Fusion Jump Hour with alternate material options on the dial. The watch measures 40mm x 11.5mm, which is a similar size to a Rolex Submariner. These understated dimensions should appeal to a very broad spectrum of buyers. I also feel the timepiece would be fairly lightweight and comfortable to wear. Ultimately this is down to the sleek case design and use of stainless steel in production. This watch could be worn on a daily basis for both formal and casual occasions.


The general aesthetic of the Fusion Jump Hour is pretty striking and exceptionally well finished. Fred has utilised materials like titanium and brass to give the timepiece a nautical appearance. It also gives this model a solid hand made quality that creates the illusion of a much more expensive watch. I love the way that two rotating disks display the hours and minutes. Visually these details are absolutely mesmerising. Other important characteristic include round the die cut indexes and oversized ornate crown. Overall the industrial composition is very successful and really original.


To power the watch Fred has carefully selected Swiss Tenor Dorley calibers from the 1970’s. These movements were very popular in futuristic looking Jumping hour watches from that period. Master watchmaker Frans de Groot has skillfully restored these mechanisms. Recently I have written editorials featuring two other watchmakers (Richard Paige and Torsten Nagengast) using vintage movements. In my opinion this element makes all these watches even more of a cherished item. The Fusion Jump Hour features hours, minutes, seconds and date.


The Fusion Jump Hour has a shell cordovan strap and hand engraved buckle. All of the timepieces can be customised to the clients specific requirements. The price for this amazing watch is: €2,295 (approximately $3,163).

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