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Pita Barcelona Carousel

When I inform people that I am a watch writer the main question they ask is ‘do you actually need a timepiece to tell the time?’. With modern advances, the time is displayed on mobile phones and computers. These devices are also a lot more accurate than a mechanical wristwatch. Nevertheless, recent evidence suggests that timepieces are more popular than they ever have been. In my experience people wear watches as an accessory and to express themselves. Certainly for a gentleman it is the only socially acceptable form of jewellery. On that basis watchmakers are becoming more creative and daring with their designs. Spanish brand Pita Barcelona perfectly illustrates this point.


At Total Watch Reviews I try to offer the reader as much diversity as possible. For that reason I fastidiously research to find exciting ateliers in different countries. Pita Barcelona is the brainchild of self-taught watchmaker Aniceto Jiménez Pita. Now in his late sixties he began his career repairing and restoring clocks. Subsequently this passion translated into watchmaking and the establishment of his own brand. In 2009 he was one of eleven watchmakers honoured in a book called ‘Masters of Contemporary Watchmaking’ by Michael Clerizo. The other craftsmen included were George Daniels, Svend Andersen, Vincent Calabrese, Philippe Dufour, Antoine Preziuso, Franck Muller, Alain Silberstein, Marco Lang, Vianney Halter and Roger Smith.


The Carousel isn’t one of Pita Barcelona’s latest models but it is definitely my favourite. Dimensionally the watch measures 40mm x 8mm, which in todays market is pretty small. These understated proportions should appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers including the unisex market. I would also imagine this watch will feel very comfortable and lightweight on the wrist. Primarily this is down to the elegant classic case design and use of luxurious materials in production. Currently this timepiece is available in a choice of in 18-karat gold (white, yellow and rose) and platinum 950. In my opinion this watch would look great if worn with a dark formal suit.


On first inspection the Carousel has an unconventional appearance and is devoid of a crown. Time is displayed by one hand and in increments of 10 minutes. As with the Slow watch (reviewed in November 2013) I feel the general concept is cool but acknowledge there is still a bit of guess work involved when reading the time. For this reason the eclectic layout may not appeal to more traditional tastes. I love the exposed mechanical aspect of the design and overall simplicity. Aesthetically the watch is really striking and the finishing first class.


To power the watch Aniceto Jiménez Pita has devised a self-winding movement (based on the ETA 2678) featuring a Pita-TSM System (Time Setting Mechanism). The Caliber Pita-002 comprises 25-jewels and oscillates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. Unusually the rotor is visible on the dial rather than through the case back. Functionally the Carousel features hours and minutes. It is pertinent to mention these watches are entirely hand crafted and designed in Barcelona.


The Carousel can be customised to the client’s exact specifications with a choice of different dials and straps. Priced €14,100 (approximately $19,367).

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