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Ventura W72 SPARC Sigma MGS Red

Within the watch writing community there are many contrasting views. For example a lot of blogs favour vintage or traditional timepieces rather than more contemporary designs. On a personal level what originally inspired me to establish Total Watch Reviews was the sheer range of radical designs available. Just over a decade ago watchmakers like MB & F, Urwerk, De-Bethune, Rebellion, RJ Romain Jerome and Azimuth wouldn’t have been able to carve a niche in the market.


A few years ago Californian brand Devon turned the world of horology upside down with their revolutionary belt system. Swiss company Slyde diverted their attention away from haute horology and embraced modern technology. All their timepieces are now powered by lithium batteries and have three-dimensional digital interfaces. There is no disputing that Devon and Slyde do produce incredible timepieces. Unfortunately due to the high retail cost they won’t suit everyone’s budget. German watchmaker Ventura has come up with a solution to this problem with their magnificent W72 SPARC Sigma MGS Red.


Just over a year ago I reviewed the wonderful W75 Sparc Sigma MGS. At this time Ventura was owned and operated by the charismatic Pierre Nobs. Subsequently he has retired and the company has been taken over. What is also interesting is the current guardians have completely changed the pricing structure for all their watches. Ultimately this means the watch I reviewed last year now costs around $2,300; which is half the original price. Dimensionally the W72 SPARC Sigma MGS Red is exactly the same size measuring a colossal 63mm x 40mm x 13mm. Due to the exceptionally ergonomic case design (which is devoid of lugs) it also feels extremely comfortable to wear. Personally I think this is one of the most exciting watches available on the market (certainly at this price point) but realise not everybody will share my views.


Most watches on the market are inspired by or a derivative of other designs. The W72 SPARC Sigma MGS Red is completely original and that is testament to the immense skills of Paolo Fancelli. Essentially he is an industrial designer who has created products like tractors, office equipment and shavers. After reading his blog it is apparent that he has only ever developed timepieces for Ventura. From our recent conversations he explained that the shape of the watch organically evolved over seven years. He also mentioned that he wanted the timepiece to seamlessly interact with the recipients arm. What distinguishes this watch from the W75 Sparc Sigma MGS is the bright red rotor (the same Pantone 032C red used for Ventura’s logo) and natural Durinox™ case. In my opinion this gives the timepiece a whole new dynamic.


Beneath the perfectly sculpted case lies an ingenious Swiss made mechanical movement that sends power to a MGS (Micro-Generator-System). This means the watch is capable of storing energy for up to 45 days. Over the last few days I have been wearing the W72 SPARC Sigma MGS Red all the time and have found it really easy to operate. This is due to the innovative EasySkroll® system, which effortlessly navigates through the dual time, alarm, chronograph, countdown and 100 Years Perpetual Calendar functions.


The W72 SPARC Sigma MGS Red is limited to 50 pieces and has a stylish red caoutchouc strap with matching Durinox™ folding clasp. Priced very competitively at € 1,770.00 (approximately $2,428).

For more information visit the company’s website: http://www.ventura.ch


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