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Jean-Marie Schaller

Since I established Total Watch Reviews approximately two years ago I have dealt with many people in the industry. Some are not as pleasant as they should be, which makes my job more difficult. However in fairness these personnel work in a very competitive environment and are normally bombarded with emails. Therefore it sometimes isn’t feasible to give every request the proper consideration it deserves. Fortunately I have met some exceptionally kind ladies and gentlemen who have supported my website. Within this category I would definitely include Jean-Marie Schaller.


About eighteen months ago I wrote an in depth review of the Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph Open Home time. This exquisite watch not only looks great but also felt exceptionally comfortable to wear. In the article I mentioned that Nicolas Rieussec was the inventor of the chronograph. After publication it was discovered that Louis Moinet had actually devised the first chronograph in 1816. As the owner of Louis Moinet SA Jean-Marie Schaller was very keen for me to acknowledge this fact. However it is pertinent to mention he did it in a very courteous way.


In the world of horology it is prudent to have a very good story behind the brand. This has prompted investors to trademark names of historic clock and watchmakers. For Jean-Marie Schaller it was passion that drove him to establish his own watch label. In a recent conversation he explained that the business originally started in his living room. Due to the fact he didn’t own a safe, he was always apprehensive each time he left home. Gradually through an immense amount of hard work and an enormous amount of creative talent Louis Moinet SA is now regarded (in the watch industry) as a key player.


I am always impressed at the amount of nerve it takes to set up a watch company. Prior to creating Louis Moinet SA in 2001 Jean-Marie Schaller occupied senior management positions for companies like Lacoste Watches and Perrelet SA. Ultimately this experience gave him the necessary commercial tools to establish a luxury watch brand. Recently I have written about many of their timepieces including the Dragon Tourbillon, Stardance (Diamonds Are Forever) ASTROLABE Tourbillon (Baselworld 2014 Part I) Derrick Tourbillon (Highlights of 2013). All of these watches share one common theme and that is really accomplished designs.


When I speak to many independent watchmakers they normally express the same feelings about why they started their own brand. Essentially it stems from frustration and the limited amount of choice on the market. Obviously this is gradually changing and there is now an influx of exciting timepieces available to purchase. Due to the use of luxurious materials and meticulous attention to detail Louis Moinet SA watches are highly exclusive. Therefore they will probably only appeal to serious collectors and watch aficionado’s. Certainly I feel if Louis Moinet were alive today he would be exceptionally proud of what Jean-Marie Schaller has achieved.


For more information about Louis Moinet visit the company’s website: http://www.louismoinet.com

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