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Experiment ZR012 by C3H5N3O9

From a very young age I have been obsessed with art and design. I also have been fascinated by the intricate mechanics involved in watch and clock making. Essentially these two passions were the catalyst for establishing Total Watch Reviews. In the two years I have been publishing articles on my website I have discovered many extraordinary timepieces. Due to the exclusive nature of these creations sometimes it is hard to get access to see the actual watch. This is why most watch writers rely on the enormous generosity of high-end retailers to gain access.


Just over a year ago I featured an unbelievably good-looking timepiece called the Experiment ZR012 by C3H5N3O9. Even though the name of the company and model is peculiar, the design of the watch is brilliant. The main reason for this is because it is a collaborative effort by two of the most innovative watch brands in the industry. Both MB & F and Urwerk are accomplished watchmakers in their own right. Therefore it is very fitting that they should form this type of union. Hopefully more of these haute horlogerie partnerships will form in the very near future.


When I first saw images of the Experiment ZR012 in September 2013, I knew this watch was special. The press release describes the design of the timepiece as a development project and not a luxury goods item. However at a suggested retail price of over $150,000 the watch certainly will only be accessible to a few very fortunate buyers. That said I feel this piece would be the pride of most collections and potentially a good long-term investment.


Normally when writing about rare timepieces I have to rely on detailed marketing material. Even though I can describe the aesthetic of watches I haven’t personally seen, it is hard to convey how they actually feel to wear. Certainly the Experiment ZR012 is a perfect example because it felt more comfortable than I envisioned. Primarily this is down to the ergonomic design and use of lightweight Zirconium in production. Dimensionally the massive 55mm x 44mm case (excluding the lugs and crown) might be too overbearing for some. I absolutely love these oversized proportions because they compliment the design.


The overall composition is built around a revolutionary engine created by a seventeen year old genius Felix Wankel. What makes this timepiece so distinctive is the exceptionally complicated three-dimensional dial. Every fine engineering element has been well considered and executed. Now I have actually seen the Experiment ZR012, I can appreciate the extraordinary amount of detail involved in the conception of this watch. Elements like the domed sapphire glass perfectly interact with the industrial black framework of the case. Admittedly the façade might be too radical for traditional watch lovers but I absolutely love the bold design.


This incredible watch is available to buy at The Hour Glass Limited, Paragon Boutique, 290 Orchard Road, 01-24/25, Paragon, Singapore 238859, (website: http://www.thehourglass.com). Priced at: SGD$199000 (approximately $153,222).

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