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Urwerk UR-110 Eastwood

Over the last few weeks I have been frantically organising appointments to meet some of the big players at Baselworld. With only a limited amount of time at the event it is imperative that I get to see as many brands as possible. Sometimes this isn’t possible because of their schedules and the fact they are primarily at the event to secure new business. Nevertheless I am really excited at the prospect of meeting some of the industries most prominent personalities and trying on some of their exquisite watches.


Although I have scrutinised Baselworld’s own website to see which brands are attending, the event it isn’t that conclusive. Some of the more Avant-Garde watchmakers have more intimate private viewings at nearby locations. From recent conversations with Martin Frei he has informed me Urwerk will be exhibiting at the Ramada Hotel. Essentially they were one of the brands that prompted me to establish Total Watch Reviews.


As I have mentioned previously in numerous articles one of my favourite pastimes is going to the movies. One of the films that has recently caught my attention is a spy flick called The Kingsmen. Even though I haven’t actually seen it yet I know it will be fun and reminiscent of retro British classic TV shows like the Avengers. That is why I was also very intrigued by a press release I received from Urwerk unveiling a new version of the UR-110 called the Eastwood. Personally I could imagine one the films central characters (played by Colin Firth) wearing this amazing timepiece.


Two years ago I was fortunate enough to try on the award winning (Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève) UR-110, which I found to be exceptionally comfortable to wear. It is fair to say that Urwerk are not the most prolific watchmakers in comparison to companies like Richard Mille and Hublot. Frankly speaking in the last few years they have only introduced one new model of their own (EMC) and a collaborative effort with MB & F (Experiment ZR012). Nevertheless most people would still consider them to be one most innovative brand’s in the world of horology. In my opinion the new UR-110 Eastwood perfectly illustrates this point.


Although most of the characteristics of the UR-110 Eastwood (movement, dimensions etc.) are the same as previous models, somehow the aesthetic is entirely different. For this interpretation Urwerk have used more organic materials like polished ebony (on the face) and a tweed strap designed by Welsh tailor Timothy Everest. This makes the composition appear softer and gives the watch a whole new dynamic. I suppose my only concern would be how these substances would age in comparison to titanium, ceramic and carbon. For example Valerii Danevych’s Retrograde wooden wristwatch is unbelievably good looking but not that practical. Maybe that is the point and this timepiece is specifically designed for serious collectors who would only reserve it for very special occasions.


Prices for the sublime UR-110 Eastwood are CHF 105,000 (Indonesian Macassar ebony bezel) and CHF 106,000 (South African Red Ivory bezel).

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