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Just before I first established Total Watch Reviews I contacted quite a few brands to ask for their assistance. As you would expect a lot of companies were sceptical about a new watch blog, especially because it is such a niche market. Fortunately a few watchmakers were supportive and really embraced my website. Without their generosity I would never have been able to achieve the results I have done. Singapore based watch label Azimuth perfectly illustrates this point.

Roboto Pave

My first contact with Azimuth was with the dynamic creative director and co founder Alvin Lye. Although we are from different cultural backgrounds we are of similar age and have the same sense of humour. Another common link is our shared passion for creative talent and fine Swiss craftsmanship. Over the last few years Azimuth has developed from manufacturing stylish Pilot watches to more sophisticated Avant-Garde designs. Certainly pieces like the Landship, Spaceship Predator and Mr. Roboto (from the SP-1 Mechanique collection) show how versatile the company is.


A few months ago I visited Singapore on business and finally got to meet Alvin Lye in person. Over dinner we discussed the future of Azimuth and how he saw the company evolving. I also got see visuals of future designs, which in my opinion looked absolutely stunning. Until a few months ago Azimuth was owned and managed by two equal partners (Alvin Lye and Chris Long). That is why I was surprised when I was informed that the company has a new technical director and CEO called Giuseppe Picchi.


From my understanding the primary reason for Giuseppe Picchi’s appointment is to take Amizuth to the next level. Giuseppe is a veteran of the industry and has 30 years of experience. His CV makes impressive reading because he has worked for big players like Vacheron Constantin, Girard-Perregaux, Longines and Jean Richard to name but just a few. His immense skills are going to be integral in the development of new prototypes and more intricate bespoke mechanical movements.


It all sounds very exciting and I am looking forward to seeing the fruits of their labour. However it could be a few years before some of the more complicated designs are actually introduced to the market place. In the interim Azimuth will refine and modify some of their existing designs. They have also produced two exquisite luxurious pave diamond editions of the Mr. Roboto and Spaceship Predator.


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