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Deutsche Master U-3001 Automatic Power Reserve

Up until a few years ago new brands would need to secure finance from bank or venture capitalist firms. However that has all changed with crowd funding websites like KickStarter. Essentially anyone with a good idea can now launch their timepiece and pledge for money by gaining advance orders. Obviously there are certain restrictions and the watches that seem the most successful are always well below the $1,000 threshold. Recently online retailer Watchismo launched their second and most impressive model called the Halograph on this outlet. From what I have heard the campaign was incredibly successful. Other recent success stories include The Melbourne Watch Company and Deutsche Master.


A few weeks ago I published an in depth review of Deutsche Master’s Panzer V from Heer Collection. For the money it’s a pretty impressive watch and certainly felt comfortable to wear. The company is based in Singapore and is totally transparent about the fact they produce their watches in China (like many other brands). However from what I have seen so far, quality control doesn’t seem to be an issue and the manufacturing side is well managed. Therefore customers should be able to buy with confidence.


Recently Deutsche Master published images on Facebook page of a new collection of watches called the Wolf Pack, which look very interesting. The model I opted to review is the U-3001 Automatic Power Reserve. On first inspection the watch is noticeably larger than the Panzer V and has a diameter of 48m (excluding the crown and detachable emergency tool). These proportions should appeal to predominantly male buyers although I would never rule out the unisex market. Generally for a steel watch of this size it felt comfortable and I didn’t experience any friction. Certainly it could be worn on a daily basis but you are aware of its presence.


Visually the U-3001 Automatic Power Reserve has a bold and distinctive appearance. I also feel the composition is more original than previous Deutsche Master models. Don’t get me wrong I like the watches from previous collections but feel they are derivative of brands like Panerai and IWC. The U-3001 Automatic Power Reserve shows a sense of maturity, sophistication and has more expensive feel about it. I love the chunky façade with a detachable tool to replace the strap when necessary. This characteristic is quirky and enhances the overall design. Other features include a rotating bezel, blue dial with dual sub counters and domed mineral glass.


Beneath the robust exterior lies a reliable self-winding movement sourced from PTS Resources in China. This caliber comprises 21-jewels and oscillates at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour. The mechanism is visibly showcased through the mineral glass exhibition case back. Functionally the U-3001 Automatic Power Reserve features hours, minutes, seconds and date facility. The timepiece also has a power reserve of around 40-hours and is water resistant to a depth of 100 metres.


The U-3001 Automatic Power Reserve is presented in a really cool metal case and has a high quality brown leather strap with matching engraved steel buckle. Priced competitively at: S$790 (approximately $587US).

For more information about Deutsche Master visit the company’s website: http://www.deutschemaster.com

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