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Timemachinist Innerspace Unlimited

Just over a weekend ago I was introduced to a very successful advertising executive. Interestingly he started his career restoring classic automobiles and motorcycles. As well as colour matching, his job involved detailing and typography. Ultimately these skills require an enormous amount of talent and patience. Further into our discussion I told him that I am a watch writer and the symmetry between two professions came to light. I also explained that many of the brands that I feature only make a limited amount of timepieces a year. This makes them very rare and highly exclusive. A perfect example is a US based watchmaker called Timemachinist.


As I have mentioned previously in many articles, finding new watchmakers to feature on Total Watch Reviews involves a lot of research. Recently I have found that Facebook is a fantastic source because of its extensive global reach. This is where I discovered Cal Giordana and his wonderful brand called Timemachinist. Over the last few months we have had many conversations about watches and appear to have very similar tastes. For example Cal loves the Polyphemos (Angular Momentum) Opera (Manufacture Royale) Nethuns (Strom Watches) and the Sopwith Aviator (The Valour Watch Company). This passion for Haute Horlogerie and good design stimulated him to manufacture his own timepieces.


Presently Timemachinist have only produced a few models and the latest offering is called the  Innerspace Unlimited. I was hoping to actually see the Innerspace Unlimited but unfortunately that didn’t transpire. Dimensionally the watch is Cal Giordana’s largest creation to date and measures a whopping 70mm x 57mm x 30mm. It also weighs in at a staggering 400 grams so I would imagine it wouldn’t appeal to everyone or be that practical for daily usage. The massive case is constructed from a combination of bronze and steel. They are definitely not the lightest materials but certainly suit the style of watch.


Visually the Innerspace Unlimited has a totally unique and distinctive appearance. I love the gigantic fixed bezel punctuated by twelve rivets. This characteristic has now become synonymous with Timemachinist Watches and in my opinion is highly effective. Essentially the main difference between this watch and its predecessor (Mark 8) is the case design. Whereas the Mark 8 is round with a unique hinged lugs system the Innerspace Unlimited has a more structural body. Other features include a stylish black dial with contrasting white Roman numerals and vibrant red hour/minute hands. Overall the industrial composition is refreshing and the attention to detail is first rate.


Beneath the brutish exterior lies a Japanese Miyota quartz movement. When I initially spoke with Cal Giordana I expressed my disappointment that a watch as good looking as this one isn’t equipped with a Swiss mechanical movement. In fairness he explained he hopes to rectify this in the near future. Functionally the Innerspace Unlimited features hours, minutes and seconds.


The Innerspace Unlimited has a brown Ted Su leather strap with matching bronze buckle. Priced at: $2,100.

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