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Hublot Big Bang 10th Anniversary Part I

It is absolutely incredible to think that a decade has passed since Hublot first unveiled their marvellous Big Bang series of watches. These amazing timepieces have become iconic because of their distinctive good looks and high build quality. Jean-Claude Biver conceived the original idea for this iconic watch. His concept was to combine a range of materials that had appeared in the watch industry before. This not only elevated Hublot’s profile exponentially but also yielded a range of beautiful timepieces. Here are five interesting watches produced between 2005 and 2010.

The First Big Bang

First Big Bang

The first Big Bang was unveiled at Baselworld 2005 and received a very positive reception. In comparison to some of the later models the design may seem a bit reserved but I think it is still a wonderful looking timepiece. This watch is available in a choice of either 18-karat luxurious gold or stainless steel and has a modest 44mm case. What makes this timepiece so appealing is the cool black carbon fiber dial with contrasting white numerals and chronograph counters. Other stylish features include a scratch resistant ceramic bezel and a Kevlar strap. Powering the watch is a Swiss made self-winding movement containing 252 individual components.

Big Bang All Black

Big Bang All Black

In 2006 Hublot came up with the bold idea to release a completely black timepiece. Previously no other watch brand had ever come up with this type of concept.. Certainly this type of innovative approach established Hublot (in the world of horology) as a progressive thinking luxury brand. Dimensionally the watch is well proportioned and has a diameter measuring 44mm. What makes this timepiece so distinctive is the sleek black ceramic case and bezel. This characteristic works in perfect harmony with the black dial and hands. Overall the design is uncompromising and highly effective.

Big Bang One Million

Big Bang One Million

Presently there are many watches available on the market with a price tag well in excess of a million dollars. However back in 2007 when Hublot unveiled their Big Bang One Million not many timepieces were actually selling at this price. The watch Hublot released was highly exclusive and has an opulent 44mm 18-karat white gold case. Unbelievably the watch is garnished with 322 baguette-cut diamonds (24.65 carats). Every aspect of this timepiece including the dial, lugs and crown contain these precious stones. At the heart of the watch is an in house manufactured automatic mechanical movement comprising 148 components.

Big Bang Mag Bang

Mag Bang

A few years ago there wasn’t a vast choice of watch materials available on the market. In fact most timepieces were either constructed from stainless steel or precious metals like 18-karat gold and platinum. In their quest to become an innovator Hublot decided to construct a watch from aluminium and magnesium. As these alloys are highly flammable and the tolerance for correction is low specialist craftsmen and machinery needed to be used. This material is prone to rust and it also needs galvanic treatment. The result is a wonderful looking lightweight watch (weighing only 77 grams) called the Mag Bang.

Big Bang Minute Repeater Carbon

Minute Repeater Carbon

Most watch brands have aspirations to produce highly complicated timepieces. However unless you are regarded as a luxury watchmaker it is very hard to make the transition. Fortunately Hublot was able to achieve this feat effortlessly with the introduction of their fabulous Big Bang Minute Repeater Carbon. Unlike many other minute repeaters available on the market this watch is constructed from lightweight carbon fiber. This gives the timepiece a supreme contemporary appearance. Certainly for the time the design of this watch was pretty ground breaking. Beneath the cool façade lies a sophisticated automatic chronograph movement (404 separate parts) with a flying tourbillon mechanism.

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