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The Art of Skeleton Timepieces

Within the world of horology there are several appealing types of timepieces available. In fact I feel consumers have never had it so good because they are so spoilt for choice. One of my favourite genres had to be the skeleton watch. Every meticulous detail is on display and there is absolutely no room for error. The level of craftsmanship involved is unbelievable and only a certain cadre of artisans can achieve this. Here are five wonderful examples that perfectly illustrate this point.

Arnold & Son Hornet World Timer

Arnold & Son

I am particularly keen on watches that display more than one time zone. Normally incorporating several movements or having one complication can achieve this. The supreme Hornet World Timer by Arnold & Son definitely belongs to the latter category. This amazing watch has six central hands that are controlled by specially manufactured wheels with special split teeth. The result is a beautiful 47mm skeletonized timepiece crammed full of features. Functionally the watch displays hours, minutes, multiple time zone display, mean solar time and large date indication (located at 5 o’clock). Beneath the sophisticated façade lies a bespoke 41-jewel mechanical hand-winding movement.

Bvlgari Daniel Roth Tourbillon Lumiere Skeleton

Bvlgari Daniel Roth

Bvlgari is one of the worlds largest luxury goods retailers. Their huge product range includes jewellery, handbags, eyewear, fragrances and timepieces. The Daniel Roth Tourbillon Lumiere Skeleton is one of their more opulent offerings and part of the Haute Horlogerie range of watches. With a stylish 18-karat pink gold case measuring 44mm the timepiece is designed for the discerning collector. What makes this watch so amazing is the sublime hand decorated 18-karat gold skeletonized dial. Other features include vibrant blue bespoke hour/minute hands and a large exposed tourbillon carriage (located at 6 o’clock). Powering the timepiece is an in house manual-winding mechanical movement.

Pierre DeRoche TNT Royal Retro Gold


Pierre DeRoche is a small luxury watch brand situated in the idyllic location of Vallée de Joux, Switzerland. Carol and Pierre Dubois combined their mutual passion for fine watchmaking and established the company in 2004. The TNT Royal Retro Gold is a beautifully designed watch that is a perfect example of their work. With a luxurious 18-karat pink gold and titanium case measuring 47.5mm the watch is designed to attract attention. What makes this timepiece so incredible is the sublime multi-layered dial with exposed gold mechanical wheels. Other features include 6 retrograde minute hands and small date indication (located at 6 o’clock). Powering the watch is a sophisticated 58-jewel mechanical self-winding movement.

Revelation R04


Revelation is a luxury watch brand situated in the picturesque location of Lully-sur-Morges (between Geneva and Le Brassus), Switzerland. Dynamic couple Anouk Danthe and Olivier Leu founded the company in 2007. Certainly the R04 is their most complicated and exclusive timepiece so far. The watch has a generous sized opulent 18-karat gold case measuring 45mm x 14mm. What makes this timepiece so special is the sublime and innovative magical dial. This characteristic allows the recipient the choice of a skeletonized or solid black façade. Other features include bold Roman numerals and large rotating tourbillon (located at 4 o’clock). Powering the watch is an accomplished 44-jewel (TOURBILLON MANEGE®) mechanical hand-winding movement.

Romain Vollet Motor Skull 757 Blackfire

Romain Vollet

Romain Vollet is a small specialist watch designer located in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland. After serving his apprenticeship working for many prestigious watch companies he decided to launch his own brand. The Motor Skull 757 Blackfire is probably his most extravagant piece to date. Dimensionally the watch has a luxurious red gold case measuring 42mm x 11.65mm. What makes this watch so distinctive is the black skeletonised façade. The dial features an illustration of a skull and has a cool gothic appearance. Other details include intricate red gold plated hour/minute hands and a sapphire crystal lens. Powering the watch is a 21-jewel mechanical self-winding movement.

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