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REC Watches Minimalist L3

As I have mentioned in numerous articles I absolutely love architecture and interior design. While in the UK I renovated many properties and undertook interior design commissions. Certainly when I worked with builders on high-end projects Avant-Garde furniture was integral to the overall success of the development. Many times I recommended sourcing Danish furniture because of its clean lines and refined appearance. This design philosophy has also filtered into Denmark’s watch industry. Two of my favourites (because of their value for money) have to be Skagen and (new kid on the block) REC Watches.


Last May (2014) I published a review featuring REC Watches wonderful and affordable Mark 1 M1. At this time I was trying to feature more entry-level brands on Total Watch Reviews and this particular timepiece caught my attention. I am also very interested in the idea of reclaiming and recycling products. In fact I have an artist friend in South Australia who makes sculptures entirely from discarded products like wire and old machinery parts. It fascinates me that what other people consider junk can be transformed into something extraordinarily beautiful.


Where I feel REC Watches have triumphed most is in the product they have decided to recycle. The original Mini is an iconic car, which touched a lot of peoples hearts. When I spoke recently to business co-owner Jonathan Kamstrup he seemed very excited about the company’s future. He also intimated that they would be unveiling something really special later in the year. I love the idea of using eclectic materials in watchmaking especially if they are from the automotive industry. A few months ago I reviewed Meccaniche Veloci’s spectacular Quattro Valvole, which is constructed from carbon ceramic brakes. In my opinion the concept was brilliant but ultimately the price point ($12,500) and the labels passive marketing meant it didn’t sell that well.


Late last year I got a press release from REC Watches introducing a new watch called the Minimalist. As the name suggests the appearance is a lot more understated than the Mark 1 M1. I love the dial (manufactured from parts of a Mini’s chassis), which almost resembles the aesthetic of a meteorite. Dimensionally the timepiece is also smaller and has a diminutive case size measuring only 40mm x 8mm. I would imagine these proportions should appeal predominantly to the unisex market. Generally I wear much larger watches so it felt strange wearing this super lightweight (43 grams) and slimline model. Nevertheless I did find the timepiece sat very comfortably on my wrist and would definitely recommend it for daily usage.


At the heart of the watch is a reliable Swiss made 4-jewel 762 Ronda quartz Movement. Hopefully in the future and as the company evolves they will proceed down the mechanical route. I feel this will make the timepieces a lot more exclusive and give them a lot more authority. Functionally the Minimalist features only hours and minutes. The watch is also equipped with a stylish beige suede leather strap.


On a personal level I would like to thank REC Watches for donating this watch to a charitable cause. A friend of mine suffers from Multiple sclerosis and is trying to raise sufficient funds to get treatment in the US. I am sure his family will very gratefully receive this beautiful timepiece for fundraising.

For more information about REC Watches visit their website: http://recwatches.com

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