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For the last few years I have written numerous articles about many independent watchmakers. Their stories have fascinated me and their magnificent creations have absolutely captivated me. Probably the most successful (commercially speaking) of these wonderful personalities is Maximilian Büsser. Ultimately his key strength is the ability to diversify. As well as producing a range of exquisite watches he runs a gallery and has created several other luxury products.


When I met Maximilian Büsser at Baselworld last year he was promoting a luxury table clock called Melchior. This horological masterpiece was designed in partnership with L’Epée 1839. Other clocks in the series include Arachnophobia and a new 2016 model called Sherman. At the time I was primarily concentrating on watches and therefore didn’t give these creations the editorial coverage they deserve.


Recently I received a press release unveiling a new interpretation of the Horological Machine No.6 called the HM6-SV. There is no doubt that the new transparent sapphire crystal façade is visually striking. However I actually prefer the clean lines of the HM6 ‘Space Pirate’. It is rare that I would say this because I generally gravitate towards watches with skeletonized dials. With this new version I feel something has been lost in translation and the design isn’t quite as cohesive. I think the main reasons are because the case is more angular and does not have the organic curves of the original model. Nevertheless I do feel the watch’s distinctive ‘Art Deco’ inspired appearance will appeal to discerning collectors.


The HM6-SV is available in a choice of luxurious 5N gold or platinum and is limited to 10 pieces (each model). Prices range from $368,000-$398,000.

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