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Zeyko Kitchens

Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of viewing many spectacular properties. Some of these exclusive dwellings have been valued in the millions (even 10’s of millions). However most of the time I have been surprised at the quality of the kitchens in these residences. Don’t get me wrong, the majority of time they have been very high quality with top end German appliances and stone benches. However they normally are generic and haven’t had the pizazz or prestige I would have expected. Probably because they have been fitted by developers who want to achieve the maximum profit. For owner occupiers who have designed and built their own homes, profit margins are less of a concern.


Previously I have renovated many properties and am always interested in current trends. For buyers that really want a truly bespoke kitchen that fulfils their requirements Zeyko is a pretty good bet. Recently the company won the prestigious Red Dot award for their magnificent Flybridge design. This wonderful kitchen has a seemingly floating island, which will definitely appeal to modern tastes. It also utilizes a range of different materials like stainless steel and walnut. Ultimately this combination gives the kitchen an organic contemporary appearance. Other masterful touches include handless cabinet doors and a discreet lighting system.


When you purchase a kitchen from Zeyko you are getting a complete design solution. Select materials like bronze, stone, copper and choice hard woods come at a premium and this is also reflected in the cost. That is why you should expect to pay between €45,000 and €75,000 (excluding appliances) for the privilege. However the superlative finish and attention to detail would justify the additional financial commitment. Personally I feel if go to the trouble of procuring an architect designed home then a bespoke hand crafted kitchen is a prerequisite.


For more information about Zeyko visit the company’s website: http://www.zeyko.com

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