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Ecosmart Fires Ghost

Over the last twenty years I was fortunate enough to renovate several properties in the UK. Even though I made a certain amount of profit, the overall design was my primary motivation. Ultimately this is why I have always favoured historical buildings, which are normally over 100 years old (Victorian era). I have always been fascinated with original features, especially period fireplaces. In fact if a room had a chimney I would visit a local salvage yard to source a cast iron (or marble) fireplace to fill the void.


When we moved to Australia, myself and my wife decided to buy a modern property. Certainly due to the amount of large glass windows it is flooded with light and perfectly frames the views. However because of the layout it isn’t really practical to install a conventional fire. This dilemma prompted me to research other alternatives and I found that Bioethanol (fermented alcohol) fires were a great option. Ultimately this is because they don’t need a flue and are exceptionally eco friendly.


Some of the best designs I found are from an Australian company called Ecosmart Fires. The model that particularly stimulated my interest was a fire called the Ghost. Renowned industrial designer Marc Philipp Veenendaal conceived this wonderful minimalistic product. His original brief was to modify a range of existing designs. However over a period of the seven years the appearance organically evolved. Certainly he has created something highly distinctive and truly special.


What makes the Ghost so visually striking is the contemporary uncluttered appearance. Only absolutely crucial details have been included and that is integral to the overall success of the design. Due to the slim line façade and use of reflective materials (glass, brushed steel) this fireplace can fit in even the tightest spaces. Effectively this means that you could install one of these gems in a studio apartment if desired.


Not surprisingly the Ghost has been a great international seller for Ecosmart and a firm favourite with architects. I also feel the $2,000AU (approximately $1,449US), is very reasonable.




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