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Dupli Casa

Presently quite a few of my friends have bought plots of land and are building their own homes. Interestingly they all categorically state that undertaking this type of project is nothing like they imagined. For a start there are many planning restrictions and a significant amount of red tape. Budgets are also a major factor and sacrifices need to be made along the way. In an ideal world I am sure most people would love to build a house without any compromise in an idyllic location. Essentially this is what the owners of Dupli Casa have been able to achieve.


For many years I have been fascinated with contemporary architecture and innovative design. This is why I have been captivated by television series like Dream Homes and Grand Designs. Dupli Casa is located in the picturesque location of Ludwigsburg, Germany (approximately 12 kilometres north of Stuttgart city centre). Renowned architect Juergen Mayer H (J. MAYER H. und Partner, Architekten) designed this incredible building for a discerning private client.


It is fair to say that Dupli Casa is an absolute world class property and one of the most radical house designs I have ever seen. The façade is futuristic and the white veneer almost appears like the building is enshrouded in snow. To attain this contemporary masterpiece the architects have used a range of materials like concrete, glass and timber. The results are astonishing and this dwelling is definitely a worthy recipient of the 2009 Chicago Athenaeum, International Architecture Award.


Up until 2005 there was another dwelling on the site and the architects have been faithful to the original footprint. With a floor space spanning nearly 1,200 square metres this dwelling is absolutely massive. However because of the minimalistic lines and sympathetic use of warm organic materials Dupli Casa doesn’t seem too overwhelming. It also seamlessly frames views of the phenomenal Neckar Valley and the nearby city of Ludwigsburg.


Images courtesy of David Franck.

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