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Marchi Mobile eleMMent palazzo Superior

A few years ago my wife and I were embarking on a family holiday around New Zealand. A lot of friends said the best way to travel around the North and South Island is in a mobile home. When we actually worked out the price (including the specifications we required) it just wasn’t financially viable. In fact it cost us virtually half the price to go on a luxury cruise, which for us was much more relaxing because it didn’t involve any driving.


In the world of mobile homes there are many different levels to choose from. However if budget isn’t a consideration there is a vehicle, which takes luxury to a completely different level. This automobile is called the Marchi Mobile eleMMent palazzo Superior and is the brainchild of Mario Marchi. Ultimately he utilized his many years in the truck industry to devise a mobile home for the super rich and famous.


Certainly there is no doubt that the Marchi Mobile eleMMent palazzo Superior is in a league of its own on the luxury front. Personally I have never seen another mobile home of the same level of décor, design or price. The futuristic chassis is constructed from carbon fiber and the interior is furnished to the highest level. For example there is a fully integrated kitchen (with appliances) air-conditioning, on board media system (with 2 x 42 inch LED screens), world-class audio system and king size bed suite specially made by the British royal family’s bed manufacturer. In fact the total living accommodation is 68 square metres (732 square feet), which is the same size as a one-bedroom apartment.


With a price tag of over $3million the Marchi Mobile eleMMent palazzo Superior will only appeal to a very select amount of buyers. Prior to writing this article I was seriously considering the application and demographic of this exclusive mobile home. Maybe businessmen/women or rock stars that travel a lot would be enticed by the opulent nature of this product. However even at this level I would imagine they would charter private jets or helicopters to reach their final destination.


At the end of the day my thoughts are academic because Marchi Mobile only have to sell a few of these vehicles a year to turn a very generous profit.

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