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Summit House

Over the last few weeks I have featured some absolutely spectacular properties on Total Design Reviews. There have been two phenomenal Manhattan penthouses (The Plaza, 1 Central Park South, Midtown East and Baccarat Hotel & Residences, 20 West 53rd Street), a contemporary UK residence (Elgon House) and a futuristic German Villa (Dupli Casa). A lot of people (especially in real estate) use the terms amazing, outstanding and out of this world far too frequently. However these are four exquisite properties that only the rich and famous can afford. Another great example is a brilliant architect designed house in Beverley Hills, California, called Summit House.


Since I have moved to Australia I have become much more appreciative of contemporary house designs in general. Certainly the use of exposed concrete and an abundance of glass are very pleasing on the eye. It is also crucial to frame those idyllic multi million dollar views. However I feel the difference between a bland generic modern box and an Avant Garde masterpiece is a really good architect. These wonderful visionaries can create remarkable angles and space seemingly out of thin air.


The brief for Summit House was to create an adaptable living space for both adults and children. The client is a very high profile sports agent and so budget wasn’t really an issue. Nevertheless architect Marc Whipple (Whipple Russell) has designed a pretty spectacular residence. In fact he has used every trick in the book to create a harmonious living oasis totalling 10,200 square feet. The choice of materials like glass, timber, concrete and stone really are a winning combination. It also is incredibly environmentally friendly utilising a state of the art solar powered gray-water reclamation system. Outdoors, there are several defined entertainment areas including a sensational infinity pool.


For more information about Summit House and other unbelievable properties visit Whipple Russell’s website: http://www.whipplerussell.com/architecture/summit-house



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