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Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Ceramic

Amazingly it is that time of the year again where the Messeplatz plays host to the world watch fair. I was fortunate to attend Baselworld last year (in a press capacity) and would highly recommend the show to anyone. However unless you are sponsored by one of the large watch groups it can be a very expensive affair. Ultimately that is why I had to make the really tough decision not to attend the event this year. So far, from social media feedback it seems a lot quieter than previous years and there are not as many new models on display. A lot of the Avant-Garde watchmakers like MB & F, Cabestan and Urwerk seem to be presenting new interpretations of existing watches. This doesn’t particularly concern me but does illustrate that the watch industry is exerting caution.


It is fair to say that Urwerk is one of the most exciting brands in the world of horology. They are certainly not as prolific as some other watchmakers but they always deliver the goods. Last year I visited their booth in the Ramada hotel, which is situated next to the main Messeplatz exhibition halls. Effectively it is like a fringe for independent watchmakers who haven’t got massive marketing resources. Whilst I was there I tried on their enormous UR-1001 and EMC Black timepieces.


Even though I like the EMC Black it never really captivated me in the same way as the UR-1001. Don’t get me wrong I do think it is a fine looking timepiece but (in my opinion) not anything like as striking as some of their other models. Recently they unveiled a new version called the Time Hunter, which I feel is slightly more distinctive. In particular I favour the green ceramic version because it looks much more unusual. The dial has been reworked and has a more conventional appearance than its predecessor. In general it is probably a lot more legible because there is now a large central dial rather than four sub dials.


With prices for the EMC Time Hunter ranging from CHF 110,000 – CHF 115,000 this watch is really designed for the serious collector.


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