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Lazareth Wazuma V12

Even though I have driven some pretty nice cars I have never considered myself a petrol head. When I have seen guys driving Ferrari’s, Porsche’s and Lamborghini’s I never been particularly envious but can understand their desire to own these vehicles. However now I have a 6-year old boy I have become a lot more fascinated by turbo and supercharged engines. To say that he is obsessed with fast cars would be an understatement. Literally he has eagle eyes and notices every automobile with quad exhausts.


Recently I discovered a French motorcycle manufacturer called Lazareth. The business is the brainchild of Ludovic Lazareth who started his career modifying bikes and cars. In 1998 he established his own company and is now designing some pretty radical stuff. For example they have created many wonderful products including a wonderful quad bike called the Wazuma V12.


As the name suggests the Wazuma V12 is an exceptionally powerful vehicle. In fact it is the most expensive (€200,000) and powerful quad bike in the world. With a V-12 cylinder supercharged engine from BMW (powered by Bio ethanol) this beast delivers 500 BHP. That means the Wazuma V12 will hit 0-100 in around 3.2 seconds. Even though this is a similar speed to a Ferrari Enzo ZXX Evolution I am sure it would feel a lot faster because you are more exposed to the elements.


The Wazuma V12 is the ultimate ‘Boys Toy’ and is essentially designed for thrill seekers. I am sure that riding this force of nature would be an absolutely exhilarating experience. However even if I could afford one (which I can’t) I would probably opt for the comfort of a car. There again that is probably more a reflection of my age and immediate priorities. Nevertheless I do really appreciate the futuristic design and I love the choice of materials like carbon fiber.

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