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Peugeot Design Lab ONYX Sofa

To most people the name Peugeot is synonymous for well-designed motor vehicles and in particular cars. However I have recently discovered that they have a creative design lab that produces a wide range of domestic products like kitchen tools, bicycles and even a radical looking sofa called the ONYX. This stimulated my interest and prompted me to contact the company directly.


Since my early twenties I have become fascinated with architecture and interior design. Over the years I have collected many antiques and even commissioned quite a few bespoke pieces. That is why I get a lot of enjoyment looking at contemporary furniture designs from Didier and Poltrona Frau. These two companies specialize in the production of handcrafted sofa’s that are constructed from the finest materials. However if budget isn’t a consideration then seating solutions don’t come much more exclusive than the ONYX by Peugeot Design Lab.


When I first saw the ONYX Sofa I thought is was a 3D rendering of a crazy concept. However this amazing piece of furniture was actually unveiled at Milan Design Week in 2014. It is fair to say this piece won’t appeal to everyone and certainly will be beyond most people budgets. However I feel it a true work of art that deserves its own place in a modern design museum. Certainly I don’t think a piece of furniture has ever been constructed from ONYX and carbon fiber before. Possibly it isn’t the most practical or comfy seat in the world either. In fact with a weight of 400KG you would certainly have to reinforce your floors and hire a crane to lift it into place. Nevertheless if money was no object I feel these sacrifices would be worth it.


With a price tag of €135,000 (approximately $151,787) the ONYX is certainly the best looking and most expensive sofa I have ever seen.

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