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X-Architects “O” De Squisito House Boat

A good friend of mine is a very successful property developer in Adelaide. Over the last twenty (or so) years he has established himself in a highly competitive environment. The main reason is because he has a meticulous eye for detail and doesn’t take any unnecessary risks (relatively speaking). Essentially he finds the right site to build and procures it at a viable cost. This means he can always deliver a quality product to the client at a realistic price. From time to time we discuss various topics that I write about and in particular contemporary architecture. That is why he has very interested to hear about a wonderful house called “O” De Squisito that I had just discovered.

Dubai 2010

As I have mentioned in previous articles I have only recently started to feel passionately about contemporary architecture. For many years (whilst living in England) I was obsessed with historic buildings and original features in general. I think the shift changed when I met my wife and we relocated with our son to Australia. Now I absolutely love modern materials like concrete, exposed steel and an abundance of glass. This is why I was instantly seduced by the modernistic aesthetic of the“O” De Squisito House Boat.


The “O” De Squisito House Boat is a project conceived by X-Architects in close collaboration with renowned interior designer Leen Vandaele. What instantly fascinated me was the fact I never seen anything like this before. Essentially this is a 220 square metre floating penthouse, which is docked in Dubai Marina. The home is constructed mainly from stainless steel and glass with additional structural support from two catamaran beams. Internally the boat has a concealed kitchen, living room, informal dining area, two bedrooms and a sun lounge (accessed via a spiral staircase).


Ultimately whether you chose to live onboard permanently or just occasionally this dwelling offers five star accommodation. Unfortunately all this luxury living doesn’t come cheap and the “O” De Squisito House Boat will cost in the region of $2 Million to buy.




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