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SplinterWorks Vessel Hammock Bath

A few years ago I watched a fascinating episode of Grand Designs UK. The main reason why this instalment of the show was so interesting was because of the construction method. Essentially the framework of house was built from three shipping containers. Initially the host of the show was very sceptical about how the project might turn out. However, his fears were totally unfounded and the owner Patrick Bradley did a phenomenal job. This is probably due to the fact that he is an architect and has an extensive knowledge of contemporary design. Nevertheless, he did blow the budget because he spent over $20,000 on a hammock style bath from SplinterWorks.


SplinterWorks is a progressive UK based company headed by Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington. These young innovators have created a range of eclectic products designed for the discerning client. One of their more distinctive creations is the stunning Vessel range of sanitary wear. In particular, I like the hammock style bath fabricated out of carbon fiber. Originally Patrick Bradley was going to buy this model but he eventually opted for a white version.


Over recent years freestanding baths have become a lot more fashionable. Certainly I feel they have a more opulent appearance and add an air of glamour to any home. This is why companies are experimenting with many different materials like marble, limestone, metals and carbon fiber. The Vessel Hammock might not be the most practical bath in the world but it will definitely attract attention. Measuring 2600-3000 mm x 800 mm it is designed for a wet room rather than the conventional bathroom. Essentially this bath is attached by two steel brackets and creates the illusion that it is floating.


As well as being functional the Vessel is a piece of art and has sculptural aesthetic. As I haven’t personally sat in this bath I can’t vouch for how comfortable it is to sit in. It is also pertinent to mention that you would have to be fairly agile to get in and out of the bath. Nevertheless, if you are after undiluted/pure style and money really isn’t a consideration then this product is for you.

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