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Metaxas Ikarus Purple

A few days ago we invited some friends around for a meal at our place. It is the first time they have visited our house and so they asked to be shown around the place. Our home is pretty modern and was designed by the original owner ten years ago. However, my wife and I have a very eclectic mixture of furniture. For example, we own many bespoke pieces made of steel and some great wooden antiques. Our collection may not be to everyone’s taste but it works for us. It also is a good conversation topic and stimulated our friend’s curiosity. It also led to a lengthy discussion about the pros and cons of contemporary design.


Recently I have connected to an Australian designer called Kostas Metaxas who now resides in Germany. He has had a massively varied career, which involves filmmaking, publishing and industrial product design. Like most creative types his objects are not constrained by conventional designs. Just because something has always been done in a certain way in the past doesn’t mean it has to be done the same way in the future. In my opinion this methodology lead to more exciting and experimental inventions.


Like most people I really enjoy listening to music. It transports me to a different time and place. In theory the more money you have the better quality system you can afford to buy. As this device is likely to be on permanent on display the aesthetic appearance is nearly as important as its functionality. Kostas Metaxas has combined both of these attributes and designed a wonderful amplifier called the Ikarus.


The great thing about the Ikarus is that it is available in any colour you choose. This means that it can perfectly interact with your overall interior design scheme. Personally I would opt for vibrant purple because it makes a really bold statement. What makes the Ikarus stand out from the crowd is its futuristic curvaceous appearance. It doesn’t look like a conventional amplifier at all and in my mind that is a good thing. Even though I haven’t personally listened to this device I am confident that the sound would be mind blowing. Primarily this is because every model is custom made in Germany to the highest possible standards.


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