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One of the many fantastic aspects of residing in a country like Australia is the outdoor living. There are an abundance of outdoor park areas and gardens to visit. Certainly this is a massive bonus because we have a very energetic 6-year old boy. For myself and my wife having a house close to water was an absolute prerequisite. Water sports also plays a major part in many of the locals daily lives. We have a lot of friends that are keen swimmers, rowers and kite boarders.


A few weeks ago I noticed a post on LinkedIn promoting a wonderful product by a brand called KORMARAN. This company is the brainchild of Jutta and Oliver Kormaran. Originally the business was established by this creative husband and wife team in 2010. However, in 2010 Peter Daniell Porsche also came on board as another partner. KORMARAN has gained support from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency.


Prior to changing my website (a few months ago) to Total Design Reviews I was really focused on writing about timepieces. That is why creations like the KORMARAN K7 would not have featured on my website. Nowadays any exclusive and well designed product will capture my attention. The KORMARAN K7 is a phenomenal power boat that can easily be transformed into a hydrofoil system. In this mode the vessel creates the illusion that you are actually flying. Certainly I can see this amazing power boat being used in future James Bond films.


To create this brilliant piece of engineering the company have deployed the latest Formula 1 technology. This is why it is no surprise that materials like nappa leather, carbon fiber, polished steel and sustainable woods have been used to maximum effect. On a good day this sensational power boat will also reach speeds of up to 44 miles per hour (70km).

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