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Charles Wright Architects Stamp House (Alkira)

Last year I was in Queensland (Australia) with my family, on holiday. In contrast to Adelaide (which has a dry temperature) the weather is tropical all year round. This is one of the many reasons that people chose to live here. In fact, many fortunate buyers have built idyllic weekend retreats so they can escape the hustle and bustle of the city life. If money was no object I would certainly build a property in this region. I would also employ the talents of the renowned architect Charles Wright.


Over the last few months I have had several conversations with Charles Wright and am a huge admirer of his work in general. In essence he is a perfect example of why you should use an architect to design your property. Ultimately Charles is a true visionary and clearly thinks outside the box. If you are fortunate enough to be able to commission him to create your dream home you will definitely get something exceptionally special. Certainly the owners of Stamp House in Cape Tribulation would testify to that.


When I first saw images of Stamp House I was pretty blown away with its futuristic appearance. In fact, my initial thought was that this is an absolute world class home that offers aspirational living. Essentially this is why it was awarded the prestigious 2014 Queensland Architecture Award. The property is nestled within the heart of the Daintree and is walking distance from the ocean. This dwelling is a modern masterpiece that perfectly interacts with its environment


It is fair to say that Stamp House is presented to the highest possible standard. The attention to detail is superlative and many elements are bespoke. Even though the house is constructed from concrete it doesn’t look too industrial. Primarily this is because Charles Wright has used organic materials like marble and wood to soften the edges. The property also seamlessly blends the internal and external living areas together. The result is a spacious 6 bedroom/6 bathroom, architectural gem designed for the discerning buyer.


Presently this wonderful (Carbon Neutral) property is on the market for sale at a realistic price of: $8,800,000.


For more information about Stamp House visit Unique Estates Website: http://uniqueestates.com.au/listings/residential_sale-405281-cape-tribulation/

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