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Rolls-Royce Cocktail Hamper

One of the many privileges about living in a country like Australia is all year round mild temperatures. Even as we approach the winter months the sun is shining and there is no need for a jacket. This makes weekends extra special because we are able to have quality family time or picnics with friends. Essentially everybody brings a different plate to share and we all congregate in a nearby park. Our affairs are pretty informal and nobody stands on ceremony. However, if you are at the other end of the scale then Rolls Royce’s new Cocktail Hamper will probably appeal to you.


In the world of luxury, brands don’t come much larger than Rolls Royce. For over a decade their sublime automobiles have delighted the rich and the famous. That is why its only natural that they have released a range of lifestyle goods. The Cocktail hamper is a beautiful piece of design that is certainly created for the discerning. In a constantly evolving digital age a product like this goes back to a bygone era. I can really imagine Downton Abbey’s (popular TV show) Lord Grantham asking his chauffeur to stop the car at an idyllic spot and mix him his favorite tipple.


The Cocktail hamper was conceived by designer Sina Maria Eggl with the assistance of experts from London’s Dorchester Hotels. The result is an extravagant accessory for the connoisseur. I love the choice of luxurious materials like American Walnut and full grain leather. In essence they are meant to replicate the beautiful interiors of Rolls Royce motor cars. Other features include a magnetically positioned paring knife, mirrored surfaces, platinum rimmed glassware and soft illuminated recess lighting. Overall the Cocktail Hamper is an ergonomic masterpiece that can be personalized to the client specifications.


Rolls Royce will only be making 15 of these exceptionally exclusive Cocktail Hampers and therefore they are priced accordingly. If you want to own this magnificent product you’ll have to fork out: £26,000 (approximately $37,716).

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