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Peugeot Design Lab Concept Piano

I vividly remember my parents urging me to take up playing a musical instrument as a kid. One of their preferences was the piano and they even arranged for me to take lessons. Unfortunately, I squandered the opportunity and ended up learning to play the drums very badly. In contrast both my sisters buckled down and achieved a moderate success. They may not be concert pianists but they can play this fine instrument proficiently. Certainly I will be encouraging my son to head in a musical direction because in my mind the more skills you learn the better.


A fine grand piano is almost a prerequisite in a lavish home even if the owner can’t actually play it. Certainly it is a perfect addition and virtually is considered by many as the height of class. This is why many fine residences on TV and in the movies feature this wonderful instrument. A great example is award winning TV comedy show Fraser. The protagonist Dr. Fraser Crane is discerning to the point of snobbishness and that is essentially the joke. His grand piano is centre stage in his designer apartment and great area for guests to congregate.


Although there are many famous piano makers like Bosendorfer, Baldwin and Bechstein. The most renowned brand is probably Steinway & Sons, which was established by Henry Steinway in 1853. Their range of traditional instruments are the envy of collectors all over the world. However, if you want something that is completely unconventional and modernistic Peugeot Design Lab have the solution.


On the on 12th of June 2012 Peugeot Design Lab unveiled a sensational concept piano in collaboration with renowned manufacturer Pleyel. The design is radical and unlike any other similar product on the market. Instead of using the traditional structure of 3 legs they have created a single cantilever leg constructed from carbon fiber. For the first time the keyboard is also at the same level with the cover giving the piano a really streamlined appearance.


With a luxurious finish in high gloss black lacquer, this sublime piano is really one for Avant Garde design connoisseurs.




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