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Nauta Yachts Project Gleam

Quite a few years ago I watched a program about every day life in Monaco. This place offers an exceedingly extravagant lifestyle to top business people, celebrities and elite sports stars. As well as an exceptionally desirable location to live in, it is also a tax haven. However, because land is at a premium decent residences are hard to find and ridiculously expensive.  One of the people interviewed by Pierce Morgan in this documentary was complaining about the high standard of living. Interestingly he had just sold his business for the meagre sum of $100 Million. Nevertheless, in the scheme of things he probably is poor in comparison to some of the billionaires that reside in this haven.


A lot of the very rich occupants of Monaco cruise in on their mega yachts and every year try to upstage other residents. This has created a luxury yacht market, which truly defies belief. Admittedly some of these enormous vessels are still in the concept stage yet it illustrates what is possible. Certainly that is why companies like Nauta Yachts are working on projects like the formidable Gleam.


When I initially saw images of the Project Gleam I was taken aback by the scale of this mega yacht. In fact, this enormous vessel is well over 3,000 square feet, which is much larger than most detached family homes. The concept is the brainchild of Mario Pedol, who conceived the idea in his Milan based office. In total there are four decks, with gym, sauna, Hammam, massage, beauty parlour, cinema and casino. There are also 30 luxurious cabins, sunbathing decks, swimming pool and a helipad for easy access. On the power front this floating mansion will cruise at speeds up to 20 knots.


It is true to say that the Project Gleam gives a whole new meaning to the word extravagant. This really is the ultimate yacht, which is reserved only for the elite.

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