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IL Hoon Roh Table R EX07 (Table Radiolaria Experiment07)

A few years ago we all decided to make a giant leap and immigrate to Australia. This involved packing all our belongings including our car onto a massive shipping container. For over 4 months we waited patiently for our worldly goods to arrive in shipment just to find several items were missing or damaged. One of our prided possessions was a fantastic coffee table bought from UK based retailer Habitat. What made it so special was the resin coated marble pebble top, which was now in two pieces. Fortunately, we were able to salvage the table by sourcing a customized piece of marble. However, if this hadn’t been possible I would be seriously interested in one of IL Hoon Roh’s phenomenal R EX07 tables.


A few months ago I wrote an in depth article about IL Hoon Roh’s sensational Luno armchair. Amazingly this piece of furniture was constructed from several micro strands of carbon fiber. Certainly the radical appearance won’t appeal to everyone’s tastes but it does make a very bold statement. On the surface the Table R EX07 might have a more conventional appearance. However, the design and manufacturing process is just as complex.


The Table Radiolaria Experiment07 (R EX07 for short) involves some pretty ambitious manufacturing techniques. To create geometric holes on the surface involved stretching solid aluminum. The process could have been an absolute disaster because IL Hoon Roh was entering unchartered territory. However, with the assistance of lead mathematicians the results are precise and aesthetically very pleasing.


I wouldn’t say the Table R EX07 is a particularly practical or functional piece of furniture. Ultimately discerning buyers would commission this as a sculptural piece of art. Certainly I could visualize this table in an architect designed modernistic home.

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