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Cabestan Snakenera & Dragonnera

For the last few years I have focused on writing articles about innovative watchmakers. The experience has certainly made me appreciate the difficulties in establishing a profitable and sustainable brand. Even if you come up with amazing designs it has to appeal to enough buyers/collectors to make the business viable. That is why watchmakers ultimately need the support of high end retailers to keep their dreams alive. A few companies that have attained this monumental achievement are Louis Moinet, MB & F, Urwerk and Cabestan.


Even though Cabestan are not the most prolific company in the world of horology they do produce exceptional watches. Essentially this takes a lot of time, money, research and dedication. On the surface it might seem like an exciting prospect to own a cool watch brand. However, from speaking to Cabestan’s CEO Lionel Betoux it is clear that it can also be very stressful. For example, each year at Baselworld there are expectations for brands to release new and exciting watches. This year Cabestan didn’t unveil any new timepieces per se but they did present two attractive versions of their Luna Nera. These models are appropriately called the Snakenera and Dragonnera.


Previously I have written several articles about the phenomenal Luna Nera and think it is a fantastic watch. The Snakenera and Dragonnera are equally impressive and highly distinctive. Essentially Cabestan have commissioned an artist to manufacture exquisite miniature snake and dragon sculptures. These artworks also have a functional quality as they act as power reserve indications.


The Snakenera and Dragonnera may not be radically different to the Luna Nera but they are a lot more exclusive. With only eight limited edition pieces (of each model) available these sensational watches will surely appeal to the most discerning collectors.

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