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SAOTA Beachyhead

Recently there has been an influx of TV shows featuring a range of exclusive properties from around the world. Probably my favourites are programmes like Grand Designs (U.K, Australia, New Zealand) and the highly impressive American Series Extreme Homes. Really what makes these shows so interesting is that they focus on the ingenuity of the architecture, rather than the building cost. Obviously in a lot of cases these exquisite residences cost a fortune to build. However, this isn’t always the case as highlighted in my recent article featuring Patrick Bradley Architects ‘Grillagh Water’.


As part of my research for a book I am writing about architecture I discovered the talents of SAOTA. This progressive international architectural company is located in the vibrant city of Cape Town, South Africa. The company is run by several talented people including Stefan Antoni, Philip Olmesdahl, Greg Truen, Phillippe Fouché and Mark Bullivant. They are supported by a team of designers, technologists CGI operatives and marketeers. Primarily these skills have been crucial when working on numerous major commercial and residential projects worldwide.


Normally when featuring residential projects from architects there is a limited selection to choose from. In contrast SAOTA has created many extraordinary single family homes including Beachyhead, which is located in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. Originally the brief presented to SAOTA was to create a relaxing home that maximised the beautiful coastal views. The clients also wanted a tranquil environment to socialise regularly with their numerous friends.


What makes Beachyhead so remarkable is the ingenious cantilevered design that gives the illusion that the building is floating. The scale of this property is also  impressive as it offers owners 1,176 square metres of extravagant accommodation. Externally the home features a range of high quality materials like glass, timber and stone. Inside the residence is presented to a superlative standard and contains some of the finest contemporary furniture and artwork.


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