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“Limited Edition Watches Book”

Approximately eighteen months ago I had the privilege of attending the world watch fair in Basel, Switzerland. Even though I had to pay for the trip out of my own pocket the experience was definitely worthwhile. As well as trying on an exquisite range of timepieces  (that I could only dream of previously) I also met some of my watch industry heroes. Most of them were very humble, gracious and genuine. They even spared the time to inspect the watch I had designed in collaboration with Frank Heydrich. Certainly I would recommend that anyone who is passionate about horology in general to visit Baselworld. This event is presented on a grand scale and is a true spectacle.


On the flight back from Zurich I was fortunate to be seated next to a prominent Asian editor and magazine owner. Originally we started chatting about my Polaris watch but then expanded the conversation to potentially collaborating on a watch book project together. My idea was to create a unique publication that would feature a broad range of watchmakers both independent and corporate. Ultimately all the timepieces featured would be included based on merit alone. As the concept evolved I felt that it should primarily focus on limited edition watches (which is the title). In fact, many of the 150 marvellous timepieces featured are unique 1/1 creations.


Even though the editor saw a lot of merit in the project the timing was wrong and I feel he wanted to produce a more commercial book (with adverts). Therefore, when I returned from Switzerland I refined the idea and pitched a more detailed version to Schiffer Books in Pennsylvania. From the outset they were very receptive and gave me creative autonomy to put together the book I wanted. This meant I could choose a very broad range of unique timepieces many that have never previously appeared in print . The book also includes watches from market leaders like Patek Philippe, Jaeger Le Coultre, Vacheron Constantin, Chopard and numerous others. As they really liked the design of mine and Frank Heydrich’s Polaris they were also happy for me to feature this watch.


After many months of research and writing I finally submitted a complete manuscript to the publisher with high resolution images. Ultimately we both wanted the book to be visual and that is why each timepiece has a double page spread with supporting text. As Schiffer Books have a dedicated specialist graphic team it was a pleasure working alongside them to create the absolute perfect aesthetic. Originally they wanted the size to be 9”x 9” but fortunately I convinced owner Pete Schiffer to increase the dimensions to 12” x 9”. I feel these premium proportions gives the book more authority.


A few days ago I received an advanced copy of the book and am delighted by the finished product. As well as appealing to passionate watch enthusiasts I also feel this publication will interest many other readers. Certainly anyone that appreciates great design and craftsmanship will be stimulated by the content.

Limited Edition Watches is available for pre order on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Limited-Watches-Exclusive-Modern-Designs/dp/0764351648 and directly through Schiffer Books: http://www.schifferbooks.com/limited-edition-watches-150-exclusive-modern-designs-6073.html at a price of $50.

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