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EVE MK II by Bandit9

There is no doubt that the watch industry is having a really tough time at the moment. Two main reasons are the global financial crisis and Tech giant Apple’s phenomenal iWatch. Various well informed spectators have made the comment that once you own this device it is hard to live without. Personally I am a huge fan of Apple products but do not own one of their timepieces. That is because I prefer handcrafted products that are created by individual artisans. In a recent book I have produced (for Schiffer publishing) entitled “Limited Edition Watches” there are 150 sensational (mostly mechanical) timepieces featured including MB & F’s HM6.


Over the last few years Maximilian Büsser has really gone from strength to strength. As well as producing amazing timepieces he has also devised clocks with L’Epée 1839 and music boxes with Reuge. However, probably one of his most impressive accomplishments is the M.A.D.Gallery. This platform is a great outlet to showcase some of the world’s most functional and innovative design work. A great example is the limited edition (9 pieces) EVE MK II motorcycle by Bandit9.


As I have mentioned in several articles I have absolutely no desire to ever ride or own a motorcycle. Personally I much prefer the safety and comfort of a car. However, as an artist I can really appreciate the appearance of these wonderful mechanical machines. Bandit9 is based in Saigon and was established by Daryl Villanueva in 2011. Essentially Daryl turned his back on a lucrative advertising career to pursue his passion for designing motorcycles.


Visually the EVE MK II has a strong identity and shares the same aesthetical qualities as Auto Fabrica. What makes this motorcycle so impressive is the stream lined bullet shape façade, which is constructed from a single piece of polished steel. Other features include exposed suspension and an integrated cow hide leather seat. Certainly in this instance less is definitely more and the minimalistic composition is really effective. The 14,500 CHF price tag is also very competitive and is less than any of MB & F’s superb watches.





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