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Fogo Island Inn

Like most people I like to stay in decent accommodation when I am holiday. Maybe when I was much younger (before I got married and had a kid) I would have been less selective about where I stayed. In fact, previously I slept in hostels or went camping with my parents. However, these days I would opt (finances permitting) to reside in the best hotel/rental apartment I could afford.


Recently I have been writing a book about contemporary architecture, which has involved a lot of research. Don’t get me wrong it has been an enormous amount of fun and certainly an aspirational experience. Ultimately I have tried to make the content as diverse as possible and that why I have included Fogo Island Inn by Saunders Architecture. The business was established by architect Todd Saunders 18 years ago (1998) and is situated in Bergen, Norway. As well as designing residences for the domestic market, Todd also has created some beautiful buildings in his native country Canada.


Fogo Inn was commissioned by Shorefast Foundation and is located on Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada. Aesthetically the building is exceptionally contemporary and is typical of Todd Saunders work. I absolutely love the bold geometric appearance and the way part of the structure cantilevers out towards the sea. The original brief was to create a timeless piece of architecture, which will preserve the island’s economic and cultural survival.


Internally Fogo Inn is presented to an incredibly high standard and for that reason has a five-star rating. Highlights include a high end restaurant, library, movie theatre, art gallery, spa and sauna. This tranquil haven also offers residents breathtaking uninterrupted panoramic views of the sea. Certainly if I visit Newfoundland in Canada I would love to spend a few nights in this beautiful Inn.


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