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Nico Van Der Meulen Architects House Ber

A few weeks ago the property next door to us came up for sale. Even though the existing house is relatively small and outdated the plot of land is a decent size. This got me dreaming of the residence I would build if I was fortunate enough to win the lottery. As my son is showing artistic tendencies I shared my vision through detailed sketches with him. This stimulated his interest and he was eagerly anticipating the results of Saturday nights draw. When I told him I had a win on the lottery he said we should build our dream home. Unfortunately, what he didn’t understand that there was a shortfall of a few million because I only won $15.


Whilst researching for a book about architecture I am writing for Schiffer Publishing I have discovered several amazing contemporary properties around the world. The fortunate owners have been able to do what I and many other people can only dream of. That is to build a substantial residence to their exact specifications. In a lot of cases budget hasn’t been an issue so they haven’t been shackled by financial issues. Ultimately, this has allowed them to construct a house without compromise.


A few months ago on Total Design Reviews I featured a spectacular property by South African based architectural practice Nico Van Der Meulen called Kloof Road. This dwelling is absolutely phenomenal and is the epitome of classic contemporary architecture. In the same vein is House Ber, which is another sensational single family residence from the firm. This wonderful home was designed by Nico and Werner van der Meulen and is located in Carlsworld, Johannesburg, South Africa.


Although House Ber isn’t on the same epic scale as Kloof Road the 720 square metre footprint is still exceptionally large compared to most houses. As you would expect the level of décor is superlative and only the finest materials have been used. With an expanse of glass, marble, Caesarstone, concrete and steel this really is a masterclass in modernistic design.

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