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RPaige Watch ‘DuoFace’ Prototype

As anticipated Apple have unveiled a second generation version of their exceptionally popular iWatch. Not surprisingly consumers will be eager to purchase this timepiece to accompany their new iPhone 7. Views about the visual appearance are divided but I think it’s is a delightful piece of product design. However, even though it is one of the world’s biggest selling timepieces it doesn’t really fit in the horology category. Personally I perceive it as a technological device more than a watch per se. A few weeks ago Richard Paige published a post on Facebook discussing this topic. Interestingly he mentioned that many collectors were selling of their cherished collections because they had become reliant on this product.


As I have mentioned before I am a huge admirer of Apple and own several of their products. However, I really have no desire to own or wear an iWatch because I favour more traditional mechanical timepieces. Essentially this is why I love what Richard Paige has achieved. Unlike many large corporate brands (who are in the business of making large profits) RPaige Watch is really a labour of love for Richard. This passion is translated via his many Facebook posts showcasing new and unusual creations. I really do get a genuine sense of his excitement when he creates a new model or finds a bespoke dial.


Recently Richard was kind enough to send me one of his unique ‘DuoFace’ creations for review purposes. This particular model doesn’t have an antique engraved dial and has a deconstructed appearance. Essentially Richard has exposed the movement and only included a limited amount of detail. For example, a slim line chapter ring with Roman Numerals and delicate red tipped hands. However, I personally love the industrial composition, which really makes a bold statement.


Like all of the other ‘DuoFace’ models this watch can be worn face up or down exposing the beautifully engraved Elgin vintage mechanical movement. Another delightful feature of this watch is the vibrant orange snake skin strap.

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