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Xia Hang ‘To Poseidon’

The really big thing happening in the world of horology at the moment is watchmakers joining forces with renowned artists. Essentially it is a way to add a different dynamic to their pieces and add value. Normally these extra special creations are highly limited and therefore very sought after. Previously, I have written articles featuring Azimuth’s superb hand painted SP-1 Battletank series and South Australian artist Timothy John’s collaboration with Montres Militaire. Another very successful union was MB & F and acclaimed artist Xia Hang. Together they created a very distinctive limited edition version of the Legacy Machine (LM1 Xia Hang WG) containing a sensational micro sculpture.


Presently Xia Hang is exhibiting at Maximilian Büsser’s exceptionally successful M.A.D. Gallery in Dubai. Most of his pieces are on a very large scale in contrast to the miniature Comma Man sculpture he created for the limited edition MB & F Legacy Machine. All of the works seem to have a common theme and are constructed from highly polished steel. However, for me the pièce de résistance is his phenomenal ‘To Poseidon’.


The version of the ‘To Poseidon’ on display at the M.A.D. Gallery in Dubai is a massively scaled down version of his 2014 sculpture. Nevertheless, this more domestic limited edition (12 pieces) still exudes sizable proportions and measures 190cm × 90cm × 70cm. Certainly I can envisage one of these formidable three dimensional artworks situated in a contemporary home. The steampunk inspired aesthetic is really cohesive and looks pretty astonishing. Therefore, it doesn’t surprise me that Xia Hang’s artworks have gained international recognition and are highly coveted.


The ‘To Poseidon’ is priced for the discerning modern art lover at: 140,000 AED (approximately $38,114).

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