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Skene Catling de la Peña Flint House

Most people when building a house are restricted by budget. Therefore, along the way huge compromises have to be made. I have a lot of friends who had seriously ambitious plans but had to scale them down because of finances. Certainly I can sympathize with them because essentially I am in the same predicament. Ideally I would love to construct a modern masterpiece out of the finest contemporary materials but unless I have a major lottery win this isn’t going to happen. In contrast when Jacob Rothschild commissioned renowned architects Skene Catling De La Pena to build Flint House money really wasn’t an issue.


Recently I saw Flint House for the first time on the highly acclaimed British TV program Grand Designs. In this particular edition they were shortlisting properties for their house of the year. Not surprisingly the judges waxed lyrical about this phenomenal residence because of the ingenious architectural design and it bagged the coveted first prize (in November 2015).


Flint House is situated on the Rothschild’s estate at Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire making it even more special because of the wonderful picturesque vistas. Truly this is one of the most remarkable dwellings I have ever seen. The level of craftsmanship is extraordinary and absolutely meticulous in every aspect. The architects wanted to echoe the landscape. Therefore, they created a structure that follows the lines of the surrounding trees and rises from the ground like a collision of tectonic plates. The result is fine architecture distilled to its purest form.


Ultimately what makes Flint House so special is that it is uncompromising in every way. This includes the innovative design and choice of natural materials like flint, which gives the building a beautiful organic appearance.


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