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DARWINmachine Slipstream AP242T Ultraviolet

Over the last 6 months I have been writing two books for a renowned Pennsylvania based publisher. One of the projects was a specialist edition about luxury design products and what really makes them special. Ultimately I have tried to focus on the immense creativity and enormous level of craftsmanship rather than just the monetary value. However, it is pertinent to mention that due to the exclusivity of these goods and high quality materials used in production they do come at a premium. One of the companies I have featured is Californian based DARWINmachine who specialize in handcrafted bespoke computers.


I first became aware of DARWINmachine when I was doing research about innovative computers. A few months ago I wrote an article about their phenomenal Hammerhead FMR989, which is constructed from materials like carbon fiber and aircraft grade aluminum. However, in reality this product could be fabricated (within certain restraints) out of any material the client desired. Ultimately the owner of the company Matthew, offers tailor made solutions for all of his customers.


As part of the book project I needed several products from companies to illustrate their expertise. Even though DARWINmachine had already developed many unique custom made models Matthew Kim was keen to feature some of his latest creations. One of these computers is a highly exclusive limited edition computer (25 pieces) called the Slipstream AP242T Ultraviolet. To create the desired effect Matthew decided to construct the chassis from Grade 2 Titanium (although there is also a more affordable aluminum model planned) with vapor white Eco resin trim panels. Essentially this offers a level of durability not offered by any other company.


Aesthetically the Slipstream AP242T Ultraviolet is beautiful and is easily identifiable as a DARWINmachine product. This computer has the same deconstructed appearance as the Hammerhead and can be personalized to the clients exact specifications. In essence Matthew Kim has created a sustainable piece of design, which should definitely last the test of time. What makes it even more special (in my opinion) is that it is hand crafted in California rather than a factory in China. Fundamentally this should ensure the highest levels of quality control.


Internal specifications include Intel Core i7-6950X Extreme Edition 10-Core Processor, two GeForce GTX 1080 Graphic Processors three 1TB SSD and 64GB RAM.

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