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Ochs und Junior Perpetual Calendar

At the moment I am hearing many conflicting reports about the state of the watch industry. Certainly the publishing industry has had a massive decline in advertising revenue as companies try different marketing strategies. I also think Apple’s timepiece has had a huge impact as well even though it is more of a technological device. At the end of the day fine timepieces are luxury items and in an economic crisis, they are the first things to be sacrificed. However, there are numerous collectors that are not effected by these factors and want something very exclusive. That is why specialist micro brands like Ochs und Junior have managed to survive.


I have always been a huge admirer of Ochs und Junior and think they are a real asset to the watch industry. That is why I was delighted to see they have introduced another brilliant model to the range called the Perpetual Calendar. As with all their creations this particular model is easily identifiable as an Och und Junior timepiece. For example, the 42mm brushed titanium case is identical to their other watches and the only subtle difference is the shape of the lugs. These seem to have a more sculptural refined appearance.


Aesthetically the Perpetual Calendar is modernistic in it’s design and overall is a triumph. Functionally it also has an impressive list of features including date, month, leap year, seconds and power reserve indicator. These features are effectively displayed on minimalistic dial, which is handcrafted by Helfenstein in Alpnach, Switzerland. As with previous models the customer has the option to personalize it to their own specifications (within reason). Certainly this would add to the already exceptionally high base price of CHF 20,240 (approximately $20,268). Nevertheless, you are getting something really special and highly exclusive.


Only 20 Perpetual Calendar watches will be manufactured each year making it even more desirable. On a practical level the timepiece will also display the correct date until the year 2100.

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