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Architects Ink Plane Tree House

Prior to changing the name of my website to Total Design Reviews or writing two books about architecture I was looking at different options. One of these was to concentrate primarily on interior design and contemporary homes in general. I even bought two domain names but in the end decided this route was too restrictive. However, whilst deliberating about future strategies I got a great opportunity to visit a spectacular house in my home city of Adelaide called Plane Tree House.

Plane Tree House is located in a prestigious suburb called Glen Osmond and occupies an elevated position with far reaching views of the city and coast line. At the time the property was owned by developer Dean Krivicic who was in the process of selling to a discerning client. Dean specializes in creating high end exclusive properties and had employed the services of Architect Ink to design the home. At the helm of this progressive firm is the multi talented Marco Spinelli.

Generally, I don’t have the opportunity to visit many of the properties I write about and so Plane Tree House is a real exception. It is also one of the nicest homes I have ever viewed and completely appealed to my taste. In fact, I can’t think of many things I would change if I had commissioned Architect Ink to design the house. Certainly they wouldn’t be structural because this residence is a true gem. What I love is the combination of exposed concrete, timber, marble and abundance of glass. Every trick in the book has been used to create an absolute modern masterpiece. With an internal footprint of 556 square metres it isn’t the largest dwelling I have featured on Total Design Reviews. However, in my opinion this marvellous home is right up there with the best of the best.

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