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RPaige Watch “Edonis” Prototype

As my 50th rapidly approaches I am looking to find an idyllic location to travel with my family. One of the places I have always dreamed of going to is Hawaii. As a child I remember fantastic Television shows like Magnum and of course Hawaii Five – O (which actually would be a perfect slogan for my birthday). It is also the home of watch industry veteran and designer Richard Paige. Recently he has posted some amazing images of challenging hikes he has done, which for me makes the region even more alluring.

To a massive degree Richard Paige is very fortunate that he has enjoyed considerable success in business. Essentially this meant he could establish his own watch brand on his terms. It is no secret that the Swatch Group has cut the supply chain for its ETA movements and so brands have had to find alternative sources. On the other hand, Richard decided very early on that he wanted to use vintage American mechanical calibers by Waltham and Elgin. In my opinion this has proved to be a very clever strategy indeed.

Over the last few years I have published many reviews featuring RPaige Watches and even included one of his creations in my ‘Limited Edition Watches’ book. Most of Richard Paige’s timepieces are bespoke and so he has complete creative autonomy. That is why I was really interested to hear about a partnership he has formed with Italian automobile manufacturer B Engineering owned by Vincenzo Ricci. The watch they have created together is inspired by Edonis Performance sports car.

The new “Edonis” prototype uses a completely new ‘Art Deco’ inspired hand made case called the Speakeasy. Dimensionally the highly polished sculpted case isn’t massive by modern standards and measures 44mm x 13.5mm. Ultimately this means you could wear this beautiful watch for both formal and casual occasions. Potentially the customized dial will be used in the Edonis automobile, which makes this particular model even more exclusive. However, I have also seen other versions that are equally as attractive and effective.

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