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Trinity Coffee Company Trinity ONE

Most Australians I meet are passionate about coffee and that is why Baristas are in high demand. Within the suburbs of Adelaide there are literally hundreds of cafes to choose from. There are also several trendy markets selling their own special concoctions. Just the other day I was fortunate to sample a fantastic cold brew infused with toasted coconut. The great thing now is that many companies are manufacturing contraptions for use at home. One great example is a product called the Trinity One from the Trinity Coffee Company.

The Trinity One coffee machine was launched last year on Kickstarter and was a runaway success raising a staggering amount of $106,528. It is not surprising really because it is a really innovative and well designed product. The concept was devised by Brisbane engineer Mark Folker and later developed by Infinity Design. They also enabled Mark to find the relevant contacts to actually manufacture the machine. Presently the company has effectively managed to distribute this superb device to customers worldwide.

The really cool thing about the Trinity One is that it doesn’t rely on power and is completely portable. Therefore, it would be totally practical to take this product on a picnic. Although it is pertinent to mention that you would probably need to take a thermostat of hot water if you were visiting an isolated region. The device also allows the recipient to experiment with several different brewing techniques (press, immersion, drip) if inclined. I personally would make life easier for myself and use the simple press method.

Aesthetically the Trinity One is a wonderful example of contemporary modern design. This product would sit perfectly in even the most exclusive architect designed homes. All of the materials are premium quality including the brushed stainless steel frame and which is finished in a choice of handcrafted Australian timber (Bunya Pine, Red Gum, Tasmanian hardwood). Certainly at a price of $395AU (approximately $295USD) this device is a very attractive proposition indeed.

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