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Eves & Gray Hellcat Tan/Purple

Recently I hired a massive skip to clear our garage of years of unwanted stuff and clutter. The experience was pretty cathartic and certainly my wife (who likes a degree of order) was very pleased with the end result. As part of the process I also managed to arrange my ever increasing shoe collection. It was a wise relative who said that a good mattress to sleep on, nutritious food to eat and a good pair of shoes are important for a well balanced life.

A few months ago I became aware of a fairly young UK shoe brand called Eves & Gray. Britain has developed a pretty good international reputation in this area with companies like Barker, Grenson and Loake really thriving. Essentially this is because their traditional designs have integrity and the end product is high quality. Certainly these are attributes that Eves & Gray have in abundance.

My main level of communication has been with Eves & Gray’s founder Tim Waring. His incredible design skills have really given the company exposure and attracted a range of celebrity followers including various sports personalities and Robbie Williams. Tim also informs me that professional snooker player Shaun Murphy wore a pair of their shoes to defend his title at the Masters recently. Personally I am not surprised that the company is attracting such positive exposure because at the end of the day they produce exquisite shoes.

Presently Eves & Gray have a range of contemporary shoes more targeted at the formal market. I was privileged to get my hands on a beautifully hand crafted pair of Hellcat Chelsea boots that were designed in London. The style I opted for was the burnished Italian tan leather with purple elastic insets. In my opinion this combination is definitely the most distinctive in the range. Over the last few years purple has become my favourite colour and it is definitely synonymous with Eves & Gray.

If you want something really special to wear for an important occasion I would definitely recommend a pair of boots from the Hellcat Range. Not only do they look great but they are exceedingly comfortable to wear. At £246 (approximately $311) they also won’t break the bank.

To purchase these exquisite boots, follow this link: https://www.evesandgray.co.uk/shop/

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