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Meccaniche Veloci QuattroValvole – QuattroTempi Naked

Even though I changed the name of my website to Total Design Reviews (so I could feature a broader range of subjects) I still have a massive interest in horology. Fortunately, I was able to translate this passion into words and produce a book for Schiffer publishing called ‘Limited Edition Watches’. This coffee table edition showcases 150 different brands, that were included purely on merit rather than status. One of the companies is a stylish Italian/Swiss manufacturer called Meccaniche Veloci.

I have always been a massive fan of Meccaniche Veloci and their range of stylish timepieces. However, with business minded Cesare Cerito at helm their focus seems much stronger. In a relatively short space of time he has introduced several exciting new models, including the flagship Icon series, which has an entirely new movement. The Caliber MV8801 was first utilized in the Four Strokes MoneyMaker and contains 195 individual components. Effectively it does the same job as the four independent Swiss made ETA 2671 automatic movements used in the older Quattro Valvole models. However, in my opinion there is something ultra cool about telling people your watch has four individual mechanisms.

Recently I managed to get my hands on a wonderful Quattro Valvole watch called the QuattroTempi Naked. With the exception of the Brembo Carbon Ceramic edition this is one of my favourite models. What makes the timepiece really stand out is the multi layered façade revealing the four mechanical movements. As far as I am aware this is the only watch in the world that has four part skeletonized dials. Other fine details include a distinctive silver carbon textured background, sapphire crystal lens and four robust crowns. This entire splendor is encased in Meccaniche Veloci’s trademark 48mm x 16mm titanium case.

Even if you end up paying the full retail price of CHF 4,180 (approximately $4,067) I still feel this phenomenal timepiece offers exceptional value for money.

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