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Saunders Architecture Fogo Island, Squish Studio

Making the decision to be a career fine artist is a really tough one. Not only is it a precarious way to make a living but also can be a very solitary existence. A good friend of mine called Maxwell Doig is very established internationally and produces some amazing paintings. In fact, he has exhibited in prestigious galleries worldwide and has many high profile clients. Nevertheless, I vividly remember visiting his Manchester (England) studio, which was located in a dilapidated Victorian red brick mill. In the winter months it was absolutely freezing and the only heat source came from a small gas burner. The conditions were almost unbearable and reminded me of the cult movie ‘Withnail & I’. In contrast Todd Saunders has designed a studio, which also happens to be an inspiring piece of modern architecture.

A few months ago I completed two more books about Luxury Design and Architecture for my publisher. Both editions feature some of the most innovative and aspirational residential homes. One of the only exceptions is Squish Studio, which is located on Fogo Island in Newfoundland, Canada. The reason I decided to include this building is because it really is a creative masterpiece on a small scale. It also makes a case that cutting edge properties do not necessarily have to be phenomenally expensive.

Squish is one of six artist studios commissioned by Shorefast Foundation and the Fogo Island Arts Corporation. Back in September I also featured another project Todd Saunders created for this client called the Fogo Island Inn. Even though Fogo Island Inn is substantially larger and more opulent the two buildings share the same design integrity. What makes Squish Studio so special is its distinctive angular façade and minimalistic choice of materials. Internally the palette is neutral and the large glazed panels maximize the amazing surrounding seascape vistas.

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