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Paolo Mathai OctoCarbon Wedding Ring

Even though I am passionate about writing and love articulating ideas into words I do still miss designing products myself. Ultimately this is why I have collaborated with different watchmakers to create two unique watches. I also still love painting and sketching concepts for exclusive residential homes on the off chance I have a large scoop on the lottery. This is why I was excited to work on a new wedding ring project with Austrian craftsman Ingomar Gaksch.

I first communicated with Ingomar Gaksch when I visited his website (http://www.maddog-straps.com) a few years ago. At that time Ingomar was mainly handcrafting high quality watch straps with unique carbon fiber buckles. Presently this product line is still part of the range but now he also manufactures exclusive belts. Many watchmakers say carbon fiber is a difficult material to work with but Ingomar has mastered it. Therefore, I had confidence in his expertise when I presented an idea for a bespoke wedding ring to him.

My original concept was very industrial in appearance, Octagonal shape and had eight drilled holes. Certainly Ingomar has been able to translate my original rough sketch into a beautiful piece of jewellery. What makes it really special is the grade and aesthetic of the carbon fiber. Instead of the normal weave the ring has an almost organic matt grain texture normally only found in wood. Presently there are many companies selling carbon fiber rings but nothing like this quality. This really is a premium handcrafted product that has been meticulously created in Ingomar’s workshops in Austria.

As well as manufacturing my ‘OctoCarbon Wedding Ring’ Ingomar has also created three other masterpieces as well. These exquisite creations are completely Ingomar’s vision and illustrate why he is at the top of his game. Therefore, if you want a remarkable custom made watch strap or belt he is the man to contact.

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