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Hernandez Silva Casa Cinco Cinco

Recently I have completed a book for Schiffer Publishing about contemporary architecture. The project was exceptionally enjoyable and the hours of research didn’t feel like work at all. What amazed me was the abundance of spectacular residential homes located around the world. Not all of the properties featured were unbelievably expensive and my primary objective was to focus on good design. This is why I am a massive advocate of employing a well known architect whether your project is large or small. These amazing visionaries seem to be able to conjure up space from thin air. A great example of fine draughtsmanship can be found in Mexican based practice Hernandez Silva.

Hernandez Silva is based in the Guadalajara region of Mexico and is managed by Jorge Luis Hernandez. Impressively Jorge has operated the company for 29 years and created  many beautiful buildings. He has also appeared on numerous television programs like ‘Extreme Rooms’ and ‘Million Dollar Rooms’. Both of these shows are now aired regularly in Australia and are absolutely captivating to watch.

Although Hernandez Silva has created many sublime homes one of  my personal favourites is Casa Cinco Cinco, which was completed in 2003. This phenomenal property is situated 200 metres above Guadalajara and enjoys exceptional elevated views of the city. The house offers 1,400 square metres of luxurious accommodation positioned on four levels. Highlights include spacious living areas, alfresco terraces and opulent bathrooms. There is also an expansive garage and wonderful landscaped gardens with infinity swimming pool.

It is clear that the owners haven’t been restricted by budget because the finish is second to none. I absolutely love the choice of materials like glass, stone and exposed concrete. These amazing elements give Casa Cinco Cinco a distinctive minimalistic appearance. Truly this awesome residence is a master class in contemporary architecture and designed to stand the test of time.

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